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this reminds me of…………..myself

Me all the way



i think we found the opposite of nash greir

I’m glad people are seeing this

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Sore muscles? Try an ice cup massage! I can remember many teammates doing this my freshman year at track and was so confused. I finally rediscovered this amazing feeling when I started having knee problems and my coach recommended it!

Basically, if you haven’t done this before, you fill up a styrofoam cup a little less than half way with water and pop it in the freezer. A few hours later it will be frozen and you can peel off the sides of the cup and rub it anywhere it hurts, your calves, shins, quads, knees! It feels amazing and I would highly recommend it! (:

Make sure you do have a towel nearby because the ice melts quickly and can get a bit messy! As the ice melts further and further down you just peel off more of the sides until you are finished (:

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